Seafood Night at Diamond Hotel Philippines – Manila

The Manila all-you-can-eat scene has just gotten better! Yes, it just did because Corniche at Diamond Hotel Philippines recently launched their themed buffet nights. For those who love buffets and all-you-can-eat EATSperiences, Corniche has themed nights from Thursdays to Saturdays. Diners can enjoy Flavors of China on Thursday nights, Steak Night on Saturdays, and the one that we will be sharing with you in this EATSperience, Seafood Night every Friday! 3 nights full of endless high-quality dishes from Diamond Hotel Philippines’ outstanding cooks and chefs. Make sure to keep on reading as we share about the Seafood Night at Diamond Hotel Philippines, enjoy! 카지노사이트

Seafood Night at Diamond Hotel Philippines!

Corniche, as you already know, is located inside Diamond Hotel Philippines. It is the hotel’s all-day dining restaurant which caters to hotel guests and walk-ins when it comes to their buffet needs. Corniche serves a really wonderful lineup of local and international dishes daily.

Fridays at Corniche mean Seafood Night! It is where the ocean’s fresh catch is transformed by Corniche’s cooks and chefs into a variety of delectable dishes. Various seafood can be steamed, baked, grilled, and so much more. Make sure to ask your server or the chef manning this station about the type of dish that best goes with your chosen seafood, to make sure you have a great time!

You will see this bountiful spread of fresh seafood right when you enter Corniche! Shrimps, squid, different kinds of fish, clams, mussels, lobsters, and so on. Watch out for their Chef of the Day, who will astound you with their cooking prowess by preparing your seafood choices exactly how you want it. The Seafood Night, together with the other two themed nights, is priced at Php 2,990 nett per person. Reasonably priced, right? Now, let’s move on to the most important part of this EATSperience, THE FOOD!

Baked Mussels

Plump and juicy mussels made even tastier by lots of butter and cheese! One of our favorites in Corniche’s Seafood Night. Definitely, a must try!

Chili Crab

Can’t say no to crabs especially when it’s all-you-can-eat and cooked the way we want! Of course, we chose our crab claws to be cooked in sweet chili sauce and we really loved it. The sweetness of the crab claw was perfect with the mildly spicy sauce. Awesome stuff! 안전한카지노사이트

Garlic Butter Shrimps

Of course, Garlic Butter Shrimps! A seafood feast won’t be complete without this dish. We love love love Garlic Butter Shrimps! The sweet and juicy shrimps are always oh so perfect with lots of savory garlic butter and of course, rice. Never miss this when you try out Diamond Hotel Philippines’ Seafood Night!

Garlic Butter Lobster

Lobster, unlimited supply of lobster! Well, we decided to have it in Garlic Butter again simply because we really love how simple and tasty it is. Also, it perfectly complements different seafood—like lobsters. The sweetness of the fresh seafood really goes perfectly with it!

Aside from the selection of heavenly fresh seafood, Corniche also has its usual buffet items like this Baked Salmon! In case you were wondering, this is included in the Php 2,990 per person rate. Keep on reading to see what other dishes we were able to try!

We also had Chili Prawns with Broccoli! This dish was one of the best buffet dishes when we came to Diamond Hotel. Fried prawns doused with sweet chili sauce, can’t say no to that!

Frito Misto! Fried assorted seafood just in case you don’t want your seafood with lots of sauce. This one’s a hit among the young ones and the young at heart. It’s hard to resist fried food!

Taro Puff with Minced Meat and Seafood! We got at least 3 pieces each because it was so good. Creamy and crunchy dim sum treat! Make sure to get some when they serve it during your EATSperience. Definitely, a must try!

One of the best non-seafood items that Corniche had during our EATSperience was this Cheese Board! If you are into cheeses, this spread will surely satisfy your cheese cravings. 카지노사이트 추천

No need to worry, if you are a meat lover! Corniche still has a great lineup of meat dishes like this Roasted Pork Belly right at the Chinese Food Station. It’s crispy, tender, and juicy. It goes perfectly with a cup of fried rice!

If you love your beef, Corniche also has a carving station that has a Prime Rib! Yup, perfectly roasted prime rib and you can have it grilled, if you like yours a little more cooked. But for us, it had perfection written all over it!

One of the highlights of a buffet EATSperience at Corniche is their Filipino a la Minute Station wherein guests can customize some Filipino dishes like Kare-Kare (peanut stew) and Bulalo (bone marrow soup). What makes this station special is that it ensures the freshness of the vegetables and other ingredients so that diners will have an even better EATSperience!

One bowl of Bulalo, coming right up!

Seafood Night was so much fun for us! We got all the seafood that we can eat, cooked the way we want. Also, the other stations were packed with amazing dishes that we loved! Notable favorites of ours were the Japanese Station, Carving Station, and Dessert Station. Again, for only Php 2,990 nett per person, diners can already enjoy all the seafood that they can get, together with Corniche’s amped up food stations. Make sure to check out their website for possible promotions and discounts! That’s it for this edition of EATSplorations, until next time!

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