Why should you stay in Okada Manila? (Overview)

If you want to experience life at the finest entertainment hub of the Philippines, then you should stay at Okada Manila.

Debuting in March 2017, Okada Manila is part of the Entertainment City Complex in Parañaque City. It’s one of the best hotels, and even dubbed as “Manila’s Grand Icon” — and we couldn’t agree more!

The high-ceiling grand lobby has a personality on its own. It surprises you with a whimsical blend of colors of pink, red, and gold hues, as well as the colorful lanterns and drapes all around. Not to mention that the lobby boasts its signature scent that adds up to a very luxurious experience. 카지노사이트

From the facade down to the services and unique experiences, Okada has set itself apart from the rest. And from the taxi window before arriving, we were already impressed by the gigantic structure.

Where is the hotel located? (Location)
Okada Manila is right in front of the Manila Bay. Witnessing the Manila Bay sunset should be a part of your to-do list during your stay here.

Meanwhile beyond this integrated resort, the airport, SM Mall of Asia, and a lot of other interesting spots are just a few minutes away.

But there’s already a lot of things to do and places to see within the Entertainment City. And there’s definitely no space for boredom here!

What about the rooms? (Accommodation)
This massive hotel has almost a thousand rooms that face either Manila Bay or The Fountain. And from the outside to the inside, everything about this hotel screams ‘opulence’! Who needs to go to Las Vegas to see grand hotels with a dancing fountain when you have one right here in Metro Manila?

The first thing we noticed was the room’s impressive size. The Deluxe Room is the smallest, which is about 60sqm. That’s waaay bigger than most hotels in the metro (and probably already the biggest Deluxe Room).

We noticed in the room is the consistent use of bold colors that matches that of Okada’s lobby. The lavishly decorated room made us feel like we’re living in our own palace. 안전한카지노사이트

Okada Manila takes pride in their signature Deluxe Room wherein you can enjoy a bubbly jet tub while enjoying the view of the bay with separate bath and toilet area. Now that’s luxury.

Another unique feature we’re excited to talk about is the Digivalet Service. It’s a tablet where you can control everything from the lighting, air conditioning, television, and even the drapes.

You can also use the tablet to check your outstanding hotel bills, as well as placing an order from the in-room dining menu. Choose from a wide selection of delectable meals delivered to your bed.

Okada believes that topnotch service is deserved by every guest. So even if you availed the most affordable accommodation, you are still in for such a fancy treat.

We think Okada is a great spot for you and your significant other for a short romantic getaway.

But considering the spacious rooms and great amenities, we recommend Okada for your next family staycation or bonding with friends.

What to eat or drink? (F&B)
Now it’s time for you to enjoy delicious meals, and Okada never fails to give you the best. Restaurants at Okada boasts their expertise in East Asian cuisine. They have several restaurants that serve Japanese, Chinese, and Korean cuisine.

Haven for Japanese food lovers
Kappou Imamura is all about fine and artful masterpieces of food. The restaurant takes inspiration from the modern-day metropolitan Japan that attracts a bunch of discerning palettes.

As a Michelin star awardee, Chef Imamura is very keen on the aesthetics, aroma, texture, temperature, and taste of every dish. Plus, they only use the freshest and finest ingredients. So you know you’re only getting the best of Japanese cuisine.

Chef Imamura, a sake sommelier will guide you on your sake discovery journey as Kappou Imamura has a selection of fine sake.

Meanwhile, Ginza Nagaoka is inspired by the sushi joints in Tokyo. Ginza Nagaoka is home to a sought-after sushi chef Junji Nagaoka. Feast your eyes as his ultra-exclusive ten-seat sushi bar gives you a view of his fine craftsmanship as he prepares your orders.

Do take note of Ginza Nagaoka’s exclusive ten-seat sushi bar’s intimate venue. We recommend scheduling a reservation before you visit.

Enbu, on the other hand, offers a fun robatayaki experience. The robata counters take the spotlight in this place. The red chochin lanterns serve as a reminder of the festive Japanese streets.

What we loved here was watching Chef Yoshihiro Sugiyama and his team slow-grilling the meat and preparing the dishes. Their cooking techniques were so precise and impressive!

A hidden gem for samgyupsal enthusiasts
If you enjoy eating at samgyupsal restaurants, then we recommend going to Goryeo for an upscale Korean BBQ experience.

This place offers banchan (appetizers), prime imported meats for grilling, and several side dishes to complement your Korean BBQ. Besides that, they also offer traditional Korean food such as Galbi Jjim (Korean Beef Stew) and Tteok-bokki (spicy rice cakes). 카지노사이트 추천

Chinese food cravings will definitely be satisfied here
Yu Lei’s menu is all about traditional Shanghainese and Chinese cuisine. The chef, Mikiya Imagawa, is known for dishes with dried seafood such as abalone, sea cucumber, and fish maw.

On the other hand, Red Spice highlights Cantonese recipes and classic Hong Kong dishes. They specialize in dim sum, hand-pulled noodles, and roast duck.

Yu Lei is a fine dining restaurant. But if you want something more casual and laid-back, then we suggest eating at Red Spice.

What to do? A Unique Experience (Facilities & Service)
Since Okada is within the Entertainment City Complex, there’s a lot of things to do during your stay. But here, we recommend some of the most unique experiences that we enjoyed.

Your best hotel experience by Okada
Okada Manila comes with a number of amenities to choose from.

Take a dip in the pool, bask in the sun in the Coral Wing Pool. Enjoy a good read, or a cooling cocktail in a lounge chair. Okada boasts two magnificent pools, one is in the coral wing, while the other is located at the retreat spa.

Get energized in two fitness centers to choose from. The Retreat Spa Fitness center and The Coral Wing Fitness center. Both of which are fully-equipped so you can do cardio exercises, to strength training.

Play at Okada stands for “Purposeful Learning and Activities for the Young.” Children will surely have a blast in this wide playroom with 8 different neighborhoods where they can do various activities that are both good for their physical and mental development.

Relax in two spa options, The Sole Retreat and The Retreat Spa. The former offers an invigorating foot spa and reflexology. While the latter offers one-of-a-kind facilities wherein your grooming and well being are well-taken cared of in a pampering experience you deserve.

Okada’s barbershop keeps you looking sleek and suave. Inspired by turn of the century gentleman’s club, Okada’s barbershop offers grooming services whether you’d like a timeless, or a modern hairstyle. Sit back, relax, and enjoy a good drink from the barbershop’s whiskey bar.

Meanwhile, the ladies would definitely enjoy a trip to Okada’s salon. Have a haircut, styling, waxing, acrylic and gel mani-pedis among other beautifying rituals while having a view of the bay.

Enjoy a stroll in Okada’s well-manicured garden that is just satisfying to look at. The vast greenery is relaxing to the eyes as you get mesmerized with Manila Bay’s sunset.

Lastly, Okada is offering a transportation service. Schedule your airport pick-up and drop-off with us. You may also opt for our scheduled shuttles to several places for your convenience.

Push your luck at Okada
The casino is Okada’s main attraction. It’s the most dynamic and fun casino, and has the most progressive jackpot in the Philippines!

They have over 3,000 electronic gaming machines and nearly 500 table games. Baccarat, Poker, Roulette, Sic Bo, Pontoon, you name it— Okada pretty much has everything!

Feast your eyes on Manila’s grand icon
When you’re in Okada, then, we urge you to see The Fountain. The fountain’s amazing choreographed water, light and music performances remind us of the Burj Khalifa in Dubai and Bellagio in Las Vegas.

Enjoy avant-garde shows
Aside from the ‘dancing’ waters, Okada’s talented performers wowed us during their shows.

In the Coral Lounge, witness a glamorous revue-inspired show while having a glass of wine on your one hand and holding your jaw with the other. Prepare to be entertained with a showcase of multicultural art.

Watch daring and groundbreaking performances in the tunes of Manila’s hottest DJs at the Cove Manila.

Enjoy exciting and amazing circus acts at the Crystal Corridor where you can get up-close photo opportunities with the performers. Making your stay, and shopping experience even more amusing.

Indulge in luxury brands all in one place
The Retail Boulevard and the Crystal Corridor are home to over 50 of the world’s leading and most luxurious brands.

They have Pandora, Luxfine Jewelry, Jo Malone, Sogni Di Vetro, Lucerne, Moressi, and a whole lot more for you to discover! Shop till your heart’s (or credit limit) desire in a luxurious shopping treat.

Create Unforgettable memories (or not) at Cove Manila
When it comes to a good party scene Cove Manila wouldn’t fail in giving you a night out you won’t forget. With a variety of alcoholic beverages, and refreshing cocktails you will definitely have the time of your life here.

The Cove Manila comprises two areas: The Beach Club and The Nightclub. Remember how Okada Manila gives you a very similar experience to Las Vegas with its incredible dancing fountain? It doesn’t end there! Cove Manila is home to SouthEast Asia’s largest indoor beach club! Enjoy the latest audiovisual equipment, and a climate control system for that summer vibes all year long. Party in style in The Beach Club’s luxury cabanas equipped with five-star hotel amenities all while having a view of the picturesque Manila Bay.

The Nightclub is home to the country’s first six-ring kinetic chandelier capable of about 10,000 visual and kinetic effects that never fails to wow the audiences. This along with other modern engineered equipment completes a day-to-night club that is being exclusively offered by Cove Manila.

We tried the casino and had a lot of fun. While playing some games and sipping some cocktails, we ended up in their night club. What’s impressive is that everything for your entertainment is in the same location.

If you are looking for a wild and fun night, that could also be the place to go to on a Friday night!

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